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I'm spending a lot of time reading posts at various websites. There are a bunch of great theories out there, so I thought I would put them all together in one place.

I will update this section as new theories are introduced and old theories are solved/or found to have nothing to them. I apologize in advance beacuse it is kind of long. Each theory has a heading in italics to help you navigate through this post.


Remember, these are just theories:
~DJ Dan and Peter Thompson either know each other, or are the same person. We know that one of the cities DJ Dan could have been born in is Terre Haute, In...that's where Peter was born. We also know that DJ Dan was born around 1960. Peter's year of birth is 1959. Original theory posted by pwyll at thelostexperienceclues.com.

~Walt connected to Retrievers of Truth website. On the ROT website under the “History and Notoriety” tab there is a story attributed to the date 1899 about a yellow lab born to a black lab mother in Australia. The interesting thing about the story is the names of those involved. Check it out: It all takes place in Australia. The dog was owned by the Porter family. The yellow lab puppy was rescued by a child of a servant named Lloyd. The story included in a time line created by a Vincent “Wally” Bole. Now the Walt Connection: Walt’s mother was named Susan Lloyd. She left Michael and married her boss Brian Porter. They end up living in Australia. When Michael and Walt left to return to LA, Brian Porter gave Walt Lloyd a yellow lab named Vincent. Original theory posted by Xb4all at thetailsection.com.

~What happened to Alvar Hanso, and who is running THF now? Here's what I think: 1. Alvar Hanso was the only person at the Hanso Foundation who has/had access to the Valenzetti Equation. 2. He used this knowledge to direct the Foundation's activities, but never let anyone know exactly and completely what the equation consists of. 3. Alvar Hanso disappears, taking the Valenzetti Equation with him. Obviously, he disappears after the Madrid Incident. Why? We don't know if he ran into hiding or if he was captured or killed. 4. Mittelwerk and the others left at the Hanso Foundation use the VIK Institute and the autistic savants to re-create the Valenzetti Equation, using what little they already know about it. Obviously there is conflict between Mittelwerk and Hanso, but we don't know if that's what drove him away: Mittelwerk took over and then- imprisoned, killed, etc. Hanso- caused him to go into hiding. OR, Alvar Hanso ran away, was killed, etc., and then Mittelwerk took over. Original theory posted by Matt the Pale on the research disscussion blog.

~Hugh on Jimmy Kimmel...the real Hugh? The whole Hugh Mcintyre thing on Jimmy Kimmel. We're not sure if that's the real Hugh. Maybe the real Hugh went missing with Hanso and this new guy is taking over for him as Mittelwerk is taking over for Hanso. Only not to cause a panic, he assumes Hugh's identity, and tells people Hanso's fine. Original theory posted by damn the man on the research discussion blog.

~Hanso and alchemy. It's possible that the Hanso Foundation and Alvar Hanso are somehow related to alchemy. Alvar Hanso is an arms dealer, which means he sells weapons for money. Figuratively speaking, this means he convers lead (guns) into gold (money). But on a more serious note, someone over at LostPedia made the connection between Magnus Hanso and St. Nicholas the Great. Read it for yourself here, but remember it has spoilers! Also, the Hanso Foundation is trying to extend lifespans and eradicate disease -- the same things that the alchemists were trying to do with things like the panacea and the elixir of life. We've already seen several connections in TLE to the alchemists. For example, the "Japanese Mouse" that the people over at RoT talk about -- that mouse is Kaguya, the parthenogenical mouse, but in the Japanese legend, Kaguya the moon princess gave the Emperor of Japan the elixir of life. Original theory posted by Matt the Pale on the research discussion blog.

~The DHARMA LOGO and Bagua. The Swan logo is an example of the use of the Bagua concept, as either a type of navigation [compass], or fengshui. The blast door map is the octogonal shape. It's possible that the Bagua symbols could match up with the island, and possibly to the hatches. These are some of the possibilities: This is by just putting the Bagua symbol right over the blast door map of the island as is with no moving. This is by setting "Fame/Rank" over the Flame hatch because of the fire reference. And this is damn the man trying to set "Family/Health" to where the "foot" is because "Family/Health" has a reference to a foot in it. And the way it's set up, "Fame/Rank" lies near the Arrow which had the glass eye, and "Fame/Rank" has references to an eye in it. Original theory posted by TaiwanGuy in the IRC. Pictures by damn the man.

~Dr. "Wally" is Alvar Hanso. Here is a comparitive of the doc with the hidden picture of A.H. at thf.org Original theory posted at Lostpedia.com.

~The Electromagnetic Research Initiative. It may possibly have a direct correlation to the huge magnetic force that was contained by punching in the numbers every 108 minutes on the show Lost. Original theory posted at Lostpedia.com.

~The Life Extension Project. Some of the DHARMA/Hanso people seem to change over time (Candle uses differant name and no longer has bad arm), the clues have shown signatures to change over time, and in McIntyre's interview with Jimmy Kimmel they discussed how he didn't look like his picture; it may be that the life extension project involves some kind of "body/mind swapping" technique where people migrate their minds into younger bodies as they grow old. Alvar Hanso may be a recluse because he inhabits a body which is too young to miss. Original theory posted at Lostpedia.com.

~Liddy is Ms. Klugh. Liddy Wales character could be Ms. Klugh from Lost episode "Three Minutes." Who seems to be a major figure in the others and therefore probably DHARMA who are obviously connected to Hanso. Original theory posted at Lostpedia.com.

~Time future theory. The ARG is possibly set in a future time to our reality. We see this in multiple time discrepencies in the game. For example, the RoT board having posts "in the future", and SPEAKER's comment about the series being representative of past events. It is possible that the show "Lost" is set in the past, we (meaning those of us playing the game) are set in the present, and the game is set in the future. Original theory posted by 007surge and damn the man on the research discussion blog.

Persephone is Rachel who is also related to Alvar Hanso (possibly his daughter/granddaughter). 1. P.'s goal does not seem to be to take down Alvar Hanso as much as to locate him. "Where is Alvar Hanso??" has been prominent in a huge number of her hacks. 2. Mittlewerk's apparent recognition of Rachel. Maybe he knew her as a child and, thus, recognized her but couldn't place her face. 3. The overall prevelence of parent-child relationships in the show: Jack, Locke, Michael/Walt, Sun, Anna-Lucia, etc. 4. "Let the force be with you."- Perhaps the most prominent disfunctional father-child relationship in movie history. Could Rachel have been hinting at her true identity? Original theory posted by taiwonguy via email to the research team.


Blogger wizardry_eas said...

I think some of these ideas are GREAT. esp. DJDan being Peter Thompson.

I think that the idea of a theories section like this would just have too much to go in it. I feel that much of the ideas given in this topic would probably filter elswhere but it could be a permanent post in the main section for the many things that may be found in the game that do not seem to fit anywhere else.

Good to see you at work nightmarermommie. I noticed you said you were lonely as no-one speaking at chatzy but I ws around. Just working on this research stuff. But glad to see you also went to work on this stuff.

GREAT things you put forward.

6/18/2006 5:58 PM  
Blogger Thrasher76 said...

NMM - short for nightmaremommie - I like this idea a great deal...but it is very long, I think they wanted us to stay under 500 words...perhaps each theory could be more brief...like a quick shot of what the general idea behind it...just a suggestion...

P & N

6/18/2006 8:59 PM  
Blogger NightmareMommie said...

Thrasher, I was thinking it was too long...I'm just not too good at condesing info and still getting the point across. That's why I put a header on each topic so that if one piqes (i know that's not spelled right) an interest, it can be read. But, I will try to make it smaller.

6/22/2006 11:39 AM  
Blogger meg said...

I just had an idea about Rachel being Hugh's mistress. What if she is the old mistress? The new pictures, posted by Rachel Blake, clearly aren't Rachel. But the old photos - maybe those are her? She was passed over, so she's angry, and that's why she's investigating them? She feels like she was used... Just a thought. Of course, this means that Rachel is not Persephone.

6/22/2006 12:11 PM  
Blogger Damn the Man said...

More Theories about Persphone...

1. She could be an employee who found something out she doesn't like and is secretly protesting.
2. She could have been an employee who found something out she didn't like and quit and is secretly/not secretly protesting.
3. She could have found out about something she didn't like about the Hanso Foundation and went undercover and joined them to learn more.
4. She could be an employee of the Hanso Foundation masquerading as a hacker/protestor to give DJ Dan/us false information to cover up other things they're working on.
5. She could be an employee of the Hanso Foundation conducting an experiment to see if people will actually believe her and see what actions they take.
6. She could be DJ Dan's wife/co-worker/fellow conspiraspy infiltrating the Hanso Foundation as an employee and gathering information and then showing everyone, and not just DJ Dan so it's not as suspicious.
7. She could be DJ Dan's wife/co-worker/fellow conspiraspy hacking the Hanso Foundation and finding information out and showing everyone.

6/22/2006 11:51 PM  
Blogger Shakey said...

Here's my input. Some of this is carried over from other comments and such, so that stuff will be condensed accordingly:

#1 Rachel Blake and Persephone are the same person - she has simply "unmasked" for Act 2 since the Hanso site went down. Compare the voices for Rachel on her videos and the audio clips on Persephone clues, specifically "Alvar Hanso". There are other nods to her confirming her "Persephone" alias through body language and facial expressions during her first video.

#2 The pictures of Hugh McIntyre cheating are two seperate affairs. Rachel exposed the second affair as additional information, showing that Hugh McIntyre is exerting his influence over the GWC through this second affair. Presumably this is to bolster Peter Thompson's position as acting Director-General of the GWC.

#3 The girl in the FIRST affair pictures (Persephone hack) is Rachel Blake (and therefore, to my mind, Persephone). This is not only to show that his statement of "strong family values" is rubbish because Rachel/Persephone knows this first-hand, but also to show Persephone/Rachel's legitimacy in information because she got "inside" through her affair. I would like to think that this inside job was planned by Persephone/Rachel as part of her investigation which preceeds the start of this game (look at the dates in her chat log with William Kilpatrick).

#4 I do not believe that Peter Thompson and DJ Dan are the same person. Everything Peter Thompson has done, so we have been informed, is evil and serves THF's ends and with his current involvement with the GWC this is a continuing thing. How, then, can he also be bringing down THF as DJ Dan?

However, given that Peter Thompson and DJ Dan are cited as being from the same place, could Peter Thompson be DJ Dan's Bad Twin?

6/26/2006 11:36 AM  
Blogger TEAM Lena said...

Hey there nightmaremommie!!! Long time since we spoke...

Here is an idea for ya to bring down size if you want. I dont think its a big deal but if you feel the need to make it shorter, you can create webpages with the info and just link to them.

I did that with lots of the DJDan stuff, and it still was long LOL.

I could maybe help you with it if needed too. You shoot me the info (email) and i can create the webpages for ya if its something you dont want to do. Then I can just give you the links! :)

Just let me know.

6/28/2006 1:33 AM  
Blogger pyrolink said...

Here's my theory about who Persephone is:

I think Gary Troup faked his own death, and Persephone is his undercover alias. I don't have too much evidence to substantiate this theory, but it would seem like a perfect plot. He may have realized that going head on with such a large organization such as the Hanso foundation is suicide, or hey may have been threatened.

What sparked this theory was Gary Troup's name. Everyone knows it's an anagram for purgatory. He makes several references to purgatory in his book "Bad Twin", including a few to Zander, who we now know is the guy working at the hospital with savants in a third basement. He also says "purgatory is a second chance. The last chance."

Ok, so purgatory is prevelant around Gary Troup, but where does it come into play? Well, if you'll recall, Persephone was part of Greek Mythology. Cutting to the chase, she would be taken to the underworld for a while each year. This caused Winter, and is supposed to represent suffering. In Bad Twin, he also refers to purgatory as "[suffering]" but states that "there's a point to it, a purpose."

So we have Persephone which is often associated with suffering, or purgatory, and Gray Troup, whose name is an anagram for purgatory, and a corrupt and controlling organization that is willing to kill people who get in their way (and Gary Troup fits the bill quite nicely there). Gary Troup knows he's in danger. What better way to disappear than fake your own death and go underground (in the sense of secrecy, not in a coffin).

Anyone following or think it's plausible?

6/28/2006 2:47 PM  
Blogger Damn the Man said...

You spelled TaiwanGuy's name wrong. It's not taiwonguy, it's TaiwanGuy.

6/30/2006 12:12 AM  
Blogger korijane said...

I don't know if this has been discussed before and dismissed - but wasn't there speculation about some kind of time shifting or time travel? It would explain why Alavar Hanso and Joop are so old. It would also explain why time is moving normally in the real world and this game, but those on the island have only experienced about 65 days or so. Also - in Rachel's video posts the sound usually remains at a steady pace but the video frequently slows down and fast forwards. Or is that just my computer playing tricks on me?

7/11/2006 8:16 AM  
Blogger korijane said...

Oh - and also - didn't the producers say that there was an explanation as to why Walt got so much taller over the course of the show?

7/11/2006 11:44 AM  

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