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Spider Protocol and Parametric Equations

The spider theory is based on how many times a spider will attempt to re-create a portion of its web that has been wrecked before it will give up and find a new place to build its web. (The general consensus is 3-4 times) This applies to parametric equations when scientists or mathematicians need to build in a rule that tells them when to give up on a certain path they are taking in their research or mathematical equation. Parametric equations are used to replace variables in equations. As Dan Cook explains it "For sake of the "game", say the SPIDER PROTOCOL has something to do with trying to 'PREVENT' the Valenzetti equation. What will happen, is it will distinguish all factors that could lead to worldwide human "extinction", then calculate several plausible solutions to EACH scenario. And don't forget about each COMBINATION of "scenarios". EXAMPLES: AIDS pandemic and Nuclear War. Say there are 6 routes to each. Then consider 4 solutions to each route. NOW, consider the all the exponential combinations of the TWO outcomes. A SPIDER PROTOCOL may actually try each and every calculation before coming to the conclusion that there is only ONE answer to EACH and ONE answer to BOTH. Death. And since there is no consideration for "changes" or "adaptations", the "protocol" MAY ultimately see that the "SOLUTION" to PREVENT these from happening is to ultimately DESTROY the problem BEFOREHAND."
Check out this site to see how the spider theory relates to maps: http://www.math.helsinki.fi/Annales/Vol28/zimmer.pdf
Then there is this site which talks about an actual "spider protocol" project by NASA: http://www.pei-csrc.ul.ie/db/dir/alt_page.php?d=news&item=56 Here is a short excerpt from that page: "As part of a collaboration with the American National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Dr. Heffernan and Dr. Gabriel Leen are assisting in the formal verification of a new ultra-reliable Scalable Processor-Independent Design for Electromagnetic Resilience (SPIDER). The SPIDER architecture builds on 20 years of research at the NASA Langley Research Centre and represents a family of ultra-high reliability, fault-tolerant distributed control network architectures"
From a computer network admin point of view...a spider is software that cruises the network looking for files of a given extension and deletes them. For example, if you have 500 mb of Lost Experience pictures on your work computer, all with the .jpeg extension, your network admin can let loose a spider that will seek and destroy all .jpeg files.
So my thoughts here are that Mittlewerk's Spider Protocol is either related to the Valenzetti Equation, or as the NASA spider, a computer/processor/network that is able to function after an electromagnetic anomaly (electromagnetic resilience) or it could have something to do with "genocide" like the spider software used in computer networks.
Ebdet2002 offers this theory: "Quick speculation as in to its connection to lost; From what nasa has written about its spider protocol and from what a spider does in networks, combined with the information about spider theory, I feel that when the foundation was started, its computers were set up to shutdown after a number of failed attempts at whatever they were trying to do. Maybe one of them, set to crack the valenzetti equation, broke the protocol and reattempted something, therefore solving one of the parametric equations the equation consists of."
*Many Thanks to Chucklez3 (Dan Cook), ebdet2002 and Sergio for providing their mathematical expertise on this subject! I couldn’t have tied it all in without them*


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