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Welcome to our TLE research blog.

So you will all be wondering what this research blog will come up with. Won't you? And some newer people will be wondering what this whole thing is all about. Well. To explain.

The lost Experience is an ARG (alternate reality game) that was created by the producers of Lost and ABC. I guess the main reason is that they could see that it would appeal to a lot of Lost fans and would have the promise of answering a lot of the Lost series questions that come up (and there are so many of them). As well as being a heck of an experience in itself. A much better (and official) idea of this can be found on an article that was linked to by admin from the main blog. http://www.ew.com/ew/report/0,6115,1204629_3_0_,00.html

It is because of the fact that just following the clues to the game is not enough to give us the "full picture" of what is going on that this seperate research blog exists. The administrators of the main blog have chosen the most dedicated followers of the game and indeed this blog to combine as a team to achieve the most encompassing information available. Allowing you all to fully appreciate the mechanics/background of The Lost Experience as well as the Lost series itself. If it is the clues you want to know about then the main clues blog is the place for that. This place takes you beyond the clues.

Most of this thing working is relying on you dedicated readers to comment on what you see here. This will allow us researchers to fill in blanks and things missed and get as full a picture as possible.

Please keep your comments relevant to the sections you are commenting in as this will make it a lot easier to get meaning from them all.

The last section of this blog is designed to help with some of the more technical issues of the game including some tools/techniques to crack the clues in the game so that you too can experience first hand the buzz you get from solving it on your own. (I know, I got one (not first but I got it on my own before reading posts) and it feels ace). Click here to save scrolling down.

A big THANKYOU to you all for all your contributions; hope you really enjoy the experience even more with the help of your very friendly and very helpful researchers.


The Research Team. (TRT)


The Lost Powers That Be have made it clear to us, in their podcast and their statement at Comic Con, that the smoke monster is not made of nanobots a lá Michael Crichton’s Prey. Their use of the code “Nanites” in the glyph search and other small clues have led us to speculate, however, about other roles nanotechnology might play in the Lost universe.
Merriam-Webster defines nanotechnology as “the art of manipulating materials on an atomic or molecular scale especially to build microscopic devices (as robots).” Wikipedia describes how common substances change properties at nanoscales. The larger surface to volume ratios allow for more interesting electrical and chemical reactions. The nanoscale world provides a multitude of new frontiers to explore. The uses of nanotechnology go far beyond the common conception of tiny microscopic metal robots.
The science fiction definitions are also useful to us since Lost is a work of science fiction. Encyclopaedia Galactica includes the following definitions:
nanite: generic term for a molecular or nanoscale device. A nanite may be biological (bionano) or mechanical (dry nano). The latter are also called nanobots.
viral nanotech: Nanodevices infiltrating other systems, making them construct new copies of the devices and possibly fulfill other functions… Engineered virus used as crude bionano, or as bionano vectors.
From these definitions we see that although the terms are frequently used interchangeably, nanobots are a subset of the category nanites. It is important to note that nanotechnology extends to biologically engineered viruses, especially in light of the revelations from the glyph video. Nanoengineered cells are in the works to do everything from fighting cancer to inserting snippets of DNA into a genome.
Merriam-Webster Online www.m-w.com
Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanotechnology
Encyclopaedia Galactica http://www.orionsarm.com/eg/n/Na-Nd
NSTI Nanotech 2006 http://www.nsti.org/Nanotech2006/
Special thanks to Admin, Ange, Marcus_Isn’t_Lost, and Fenris for the discussion that lead to this article.

-Twinkle & Crossfade

Spider Protocol and Parametric Equations

The spider theory is based on how many times a spider will attempt to re-create a portion of its web that has been wrecked before it will give up and find a new place to build its web. (The general consensus is 3-4 times) This applies to parametric equations when scientists or mathematicians need to build in a rule that tells them when to give up on a certain path they are taking in their research or mathematical equation. Parametric equations are used to replace variables in equations. As Dan Cook explains it "For sake of the "game", say the SPIDER PROTOCOL has something to do with trying to 'PREVENT' the Valenzetti equation. What will happen, is it will distinguish all factors that could lead to worldwide human "extinction", then calculate several plausible solutions to EACH scenario. And don't forget about each COMBINATION of "scenarios". EXAMPLES: AIDS pandemic and Nuclear War. Say there are 6 routes to each. Then consider 4 solutions to each route. NOW, consider the all the exponential combinations of the TWO outcomes. A SPIDER PROTOCOL may actually try each and every calculation before coming to the conclusion that there is only ONE answer to EACH and ONE answer to BOTH. Death. And since there is no consideration for "changes" or "adaptations", the "protocol" MAY ultimately see that the "SOLUTION" to PREVENT these from happening is to ultimately DESTROY the problem BEFOREHAND."
Check out this site to see how the spider theory relates to maps: http://www.math.helsinki.fi/Annales/Vol28/zimmer.pdf
Then there is this site which talks about an actual "spider protocol" project by NASA: http://www.pei-csrc.ul.ie/db/dir/alt_page.php?d=news&item=56 Here is a short excerpt from that page: "As part of a collaboration with the American National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Dr. Heffernan and Dr. Gabriel Leen are assisting in the formal verification of a new ultra-reliable Scalable Processor-Independent Design for Electromagnetic Resilience (SPIDER). The SPIDER architecture builds on 20 years of research at the NASA Langley Research Centre and represents a family of ultra-high reliability, fault-tolerant distributed control network architectures"
From a computer network admin point of view...a spider is software that cruises the network looking for files of a given extension and deletes them. For example, if you have 500 mb of Lost Experience pictures on your work computer, all with the .jpeg extension, your network admin can let loose a spider that will seek and destroy all .jpeg files.
So my thoughts here are that Mittlewerk's Spider Protocol is either related to the Valenzetti Equation, or as the NASA spider, a computer/processor/network that is able to function after an electromagnetic anomaly (electromagnetic resilience) or it could have something to do with "genocide" like the spider software used in computer networks.
Ebdet2002 offers this theory: "Quick speculation as in to its connection to lost; From what nasa has written about its spider protocol and from what a spider does in networks, combined with the information about spider theory, I feel that when the foundation was started, its computers were set up to shutdown after a number of failed attempts at whatever they were trying to do. Maybe one of them, set to crack the valenzetti equation, broke the protocol and reattempted something, therefore solving one of the parametric equations the equation consists of."
*Many Thanks to Chucklez3 (Dan Cook), ebdet2002 and Sergio for providing their mathematical expertise on this subject! I couldn’t have tied it all in without them*

TLE in the News: Links

This article in today's papers seems very related to what we're starting to deal with regarding the Apollo candy bars (btw, Chicago wants their Apollo bars back!). Something in these candy bars, in the history of the brand, is peculiar.

The glyph hunt can get so frustrating so here's some news to dig into.



Life Extension in the Real World

Life extension refers to an increase in maximum [for humans, 122.] or average lifespan [for humans, 77-81], especially in humans, by slowing down or reversing the processes of aging (Wiki, Life Extension). Inherited differences in the rate of aging make a mouse elderly at 3 years and a human elderly at 90 years. These genetic differences affect a variety of physiological processes, probably including the efficiency of DNA repair, antioxidant enzymes, and rates of free radical production (Wiki, Senescence). Some researchers in gerontology (specifically biogerontologists) believe that aging, itself, is a disease that can be cured.

Researchers of life extension are a subclass of biogerontologists known as "biomedical gerontologists" (Wiki, LE). Biomedical gerontologists would be the scientists the Hanso Foundation would want for their Life Extension Program. Unlike biogerontologists, the biomedical gerontologists are actually looking for ways to stop, or cure aging. Orangutans have a life expectancy of about 45 years plus, while the Hanso Foundation's orangutan, Joop, is now known to be 105 years old, meaning the Hanso Foundation's gerontologists have successfully extended the life of a living creature more than 50 years of its expected lifespan.

Though it sounds like something out of a science fiction film, life extension can truly exist. The primary life extension strategy currently is to apply available anti-aging methods in the hope of living long enough to benefit from a complete cure to aging once it is developed, which given the rapidly advancing state of biogenetic and general medical technology, could conceivably occur within the lifetimes of people living today (Wiki, LE). Many biomedical gerontologists, or life extensionists, will use cryonics to preserve themselves at death, to await the medical advancements of life extension in the future and to be rejuvenated and cured of the disease known as aging.

When talking about life extension, morality and ethics come into play. Is it morally just to go against nature and extend peoples' lives much further than they're intended? Some would say no. "Playing god" is the ultimate immorality. Taking all the power unto yourself and distributing out longer lives... by attempting immortality, you're commiting immorality. There's just no way around it.

For example, what happens when everyone lives and no one dies? Overpopulation. The Earth wouldn't be able to sustain it. With too many people, resources would die out sooner, land would become exceedingly smaller, the Earth just would not be able to take it. You can't have exponential growth without exponential decay. Life extension would throw off the balance of the world, and without balance, without death's complement to life, instead of everyone living longer happier lives, the world would cease prematurely due to the hubris of mankind. And, no one wants that.

-Damn the Man
aka Kyle Michaud.

Fusion Energy

Fusion energy. Yes it sounds futuristic and is apparently a hot word in marketing. Gillette makes a Fusion razor, Ford builds a Fusion car (that runs on gasoline, go figure), and Coke introduced Coke Blak, a fusion drink of cola and coffee (it’s quite good, really).

But what is Fusion really, besides a buzzword? For the purposes of this post, fusion is the joining of atoms to form new atoms and surplus energy as a product. Currently the only sources of fusion energy are thermonuclear weapons and stars, our sun being one of the latter. Self-sustaining nuclear fusion reactions do not exist on Earth at this point. Several research reactors are moving towards this, but no reactor has been able to produce energy equal to the energy required to control the reaction for more than a few seconds. The next generation research reactors being built now should produce 2-3 times the power used for periods on the order of minutes. Ideally, the third generation will finally produce at least 3 times the power input indefinitely. This research is publicly funded, meaning that the technology produced from that research would be available to the countries funding it. If a private company were to beat these researchers to the punch, they would turn the world’s energy economy on its ear.

Fusion energy is produced by causing two light atoms (Hydrogen, Helium, Boron) to collide with each other hard enough to overcome the electrostatic charges repelling each other. Think of smashing two magnets together North pole to North pole. These atoms then form a new atom (often helium in the more common fusion reactions) with more energy than the original fuel atoms. This energy comes from rearranging the nuclei of the fuel atoms into the nucleus of the new atom.

In order to use this energy viably, the reactions need to be contained. There are two basic means of containment. The first is inertia. Imagine holding a baseball made of fusion fuel (deuterium and tritium, say). Squeeze that baseball tight enough to cause the atoms to fuse, forming Helium. The fusion reactions will cause the baseball to expand out rapidly, but not as rapidly as the fusion reactions are occurring. Thus, an explosion is the end result, but in the meantime, fusion occurred. This is what happens inside a thermonuclear weapon. A fission bomb (A-Bomb) detonates, creating a shockwave strong enough to compress fuel to the point of fusion. The resulting explosion from fusion makes that little (A-bomb) look like nothing. This is an (H-Bomb).

The second, and more important, method of containment is using Magnetic fields. Fusion is most at home in plasma. The best way to create plasma on Earth is high temperature, high pressure. We’re talking so hot no material known to man could withstand it. Luckily, since plasma consists of atoms with enough energy that the electrons essentially fly off, plasma is conductive. This means that magnetic fields can be used as walls to contain plasma without letting it touch the physical boundaries of the reactor. The reactor design currently being researched uses a doughnut shaped vessel to avoid the plasma being able to "leak out" at the ends.

So we, as the human race, know how to produce fusion. Why aren’t we using it? After all, we could take seawater, extract the deuterium (1 in 6400 atoms, but we have a LOT of seawater), put it in our doughnut shaped reactor and get energy and helium, the second most common element in the universe. What are we waiting for! Well, it turns out that at this point, the energy needed to keep those huge magnetic fields humming away indefinitely is more than we can extract from the reactions occurring inside. The goal of international researchers is to improve the design and materials (i.e. use of superconductors) to lower the input power and increase the output power. Many men and women smarter than pretty much anyone I know have been working on this for years.

Now, hypothetically, if there existed an island with an enormous magnetic field built into the very rock of the island, could this be used as a place to build a reactor. The power needed to sustain the powerful magnetic fields could possibly be reduced. Given that this would be a research reactor with many unknowns and it would contain plasmas at dangerously high pressures and temperatures, wouldn’t a remote location far from population centers be ideal?
These are just a few things to think about. We know THF is interested in electromagnetism. We know Hanso owns an island with unique electromagnetic properties. We know that if a company beat the international researchers to the punch on fusion energy, that company would hold massive amounts of power, both literally and figuratively.

Something to think about,

Oxillini and Crossfade (I [Cross] didn't do anything but put this on blogger. Ox knocked this theory out!)

Eugenics and Utopia

Definitions of the term vary. The term eugenics is often used to refer to a movement and social policy that was influential during the first half of the twentieth century. In an historical and broader sense, eugenics can also be a study of "improving human genetic qualities".

Eugenics is a social philosophy which advocates the improvement of human hereditary traits through various forms of intervention. The purported goals have variously been to create healthier, more intelligent people, save society's resources, and lessen human suffering. Earlier proposed means of achieving these goals focused on selective bredding while modern ones focus on prenatal testing and screening, genetic counseling, birth control, in vitro fertilization, and genetic engineering. Critics argue that eugenics is immoral, and is based in or is itself a pseudoscience. Historically, eugenics has been used as a justification for coercive state-sponsored discrimination and severe human rights violations, such as forced sterilization (e.g., of those perceived to have mental or social defects) and even genocide.

Selective breeding of human beings was suggested at least as far back as Plato. From its inception, eugenics (derived from the Greek "well born" or "good breeding") was supported by prominent thinkers. Its scientific reputation tumbled in the 1930s, a time when Ernst Rudin began incorporating eugenic rhetoric into the racial policies of Nazi Germany.

Liberal eugenics is the study and use of reproductive and genetic technologies to improve human beings, specifically in regard to biological characteristics and capacities.

In modern times eugenics has fallen out of favor by most of the scientific community for it's horrific outcomes. Today it is used on a very minute scale, such as the Human Genome Project.

Here are two of the main ideas around eugenics.

Genetic determinism is the idea that genes determine a physical or behavioural phenotype. The term may be applied to the mapping of a single gene to a single phenotype or to the idea that all phenotypes are determined by genes. While the former is well established, the latter is generally rejected by biologists, and is poorly defined.

Biological determinism is the hypothosis that biological factors such as an organism's individual genes (as opposed to social or environmental factors) completely determine how a system behaves or changes over time.

So how does this fit into Utopia and more importantly Lost. First we must examine Utopia and what it is.

Utopia, in its most common and general positive meaning, refers to the human efforts to create a better, or perhaps perfect society. Ideas which could be/are considered able to radically change our world are often called utopian ideas. There are many types of utopia as well.

Economic utopia:

These utopias are based on economics. Most of them formed in response to the harsh economic conditions of the 19th century.

Political and historical utopia:

Political utopias are ones in which the government establishes a society that is striving toward perfection.

Religious utopia:

These utopias are based on religous ideals, and are to date those most commonly found in human society. Their members are usually required to follow and believe in the particular religious tradition that established the utopia.

Scientific and technological utopia:

These are set in the future, when it is believed that advanced science and technology will allow utopian living standards; for example, the absence of death and suffering; changes in human nature and the human condition. These utopian societies tend to change what "human" is all about. In place of the static perfection of a utopia, libertatian transhumanists envision an " extropia", an open, evolving society allowing individuals and voluntary groupings to form the institutions and social forms they prefer.

A variation on this theme was found earlier in the theories of Eugenics. Believing that many traits were hereditary in nature, the eugenists believed that not only healthier, more intelligent race could be bred, but many other traits could be selected for, including "talent", or against, including drunkness and criminality. This called for "positive eugenics" encouraging those with good genes to have children, and "negative eugenics" discouraging those with bad genes, or preventing them altogether by confinement or forcible sterilization.

Opposing this optimism is the prediction that advanced science and technology will, through deliberate misuse or accident, cause environmental damage or even humanity's extinction.

So one can gather that the two are somewhat related to each. How they relate to Lost, well, that is up to you. There is a clear line in my mind as to what The Hanso Foundation is doing in their labs in regard to both of these concepts. I beleive that they are trying to create or have created a scientific and technological utopia and using egenics to keep the selected few from creating sub-par offspring. Could this be related to The Valenzetti Equation and the impending apocolypse. Creating a culture, society, habitat, etc. to continue on as the human race while the earth re-sets itself? More questions than answers I am afraid...

Comment away...

Peace & Namaste! - Thrasher76

EM/RF Shielding and Its Effects on Nuclear Fallout

Oxillini and I have recently had discussions on the uses of EM/RF shielding and have decided to do a three part series of postings on what The Hanso Foundation could use this technology for. (Its long, but bear with us, its good.)

First, EM/RF shielding and its effects on nuclear fallout.

Oxillini has a great essay on nuclear winter/fallout:

With the knowledge that the mysterious Valenzetti equation predicts nothing short of the extinction of the human race, and the common conception that this extinction will come about due to global thermonuclear war, I found myself pondering a few questions.

First, why would THF want this equation?
Do they want to prevent extinction by changing things in the world? Is THF really a well-meaning company that believes its end goal is so noble that any amount of evil deeds to reach that goal is acceptable? Perhaps THF would like to choose a set of humans to survive Armageddon. Maybe that’s why the Lost "Others" are so obsessed with "the Good Ones." Perhaps, THF will sell opportunities for this. (Now that sounds very Bond movie villain-esque!)

Second, what does it mean for the Earth to undergo global thermonuclear war?
How long before the surface is inhabitable? Will the atmosphere ever really recover? If I was on an island in the South Pacific and the US and Russia annihilate each other, how long do I have left in my secluded paradise? Minutes? Years? This is what I intend to research here.
The concept of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD, appropriately enough) states that if I fire a nuclear weapon at you, you’ll fire at least one back at me. This doctrine provided a tense but workable peace between the US and USSR throughout the Cold War. The Cuban Missile Crisis, which was the impetus for the UN commissioning Valenzetti’s eponymous equation, introduced the World to this concept in a real-world scenario.

So someone fires a nuclear weapon at someone else, that second party fires back and the nuclear party starts. In 1986, the World Meteorological Office (WMO), a branch of the UN, published their study on Nuclear Winter. This study assumes half the world’s nuclear arsenal is detonated, with a total yield of approximately 6000 Megatons. This report estimates that, within 14-35 days of the detonations, ambient temperatures would fall by 59 to 104 degrees, using 68 degrees as a baseline initial temperature. These temperatures would destroy one year’s worth of agricultural production. The UN Food and Agriculture Office estimates the global food stockpile at 33 days. Developed nations could have as much as one year’s food while the third world would run out in days or weeks. Mass hysteria and chaos (among the survivors) would result from the imbalances in food supply.

Third, so maybe THF could prepare for a nuclear winter in bunkers, what about fallout?
Fallout is the residual radioactive contamination that literally falls out of the atmosphere following a nuclear explosion. Under the scenario listed above, where the big players in nuclear arsenal get in on the act, fallout will be spread throughout the globe, but not evenly. All nuclear arsenal powers are located in the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern Hemisphere will receive fallout, but to a lesser degree than the Northern. Placing a "survival station" on an island at the equator is better than, say, Europe but is not ideal.

It is important at this point to differentiate radiation from contamination. I have seen this confused many times. The best analogy I’ve heard is this: "Imagine you have a bowl of rotten eggs. The eggs themselves are the contamination. The stench is radiation." Radiation is simply energy transmitted via waves in the electromagnetic spectrum. Contamination (in the nuclear context) is matter which gives off radiation.

When nuclear weapons detonate, the fireball vaporizes everything within a given range. This vaporized material becomes the nuclear fallout. This fallout will consist of more than 300 different fission products, each with a unique half-life; unfissioned fuel material, up to 98% of the total fuel load; radioactive dust, stable matter that underwent neutron bombardment to become radioactive; and short-lived elements which can only be created under the unique conditions of a thermonuclear blast (like einsteinium).

This fallout is quickly carried into the stratosphere by the blast and will take years to settle out. The radioactivity levels associated with this dust evenly coating the globe would not be life threatening to humans. The danger is from ingestion of fallout. Iodine –129, Iodine-131 and Strontium-90 are three long-lived isotopes that would accumulate in the body. Strontium-90 substitutes for Calcium in bones and will not leave the body once ingested. Iodine-129 and 131, will be absorbed by the thyroid and cause cancer. (If you ever see "Radiation Tablets" being sold, what they do is saturate the thyroid with non-radioactive Iodine so that Iodine-129 cannot be absorbed; the Russian Navy issued these to submariners!)

Fourth, what to do about contamination?
Assume, then, that THF puts people on an island in the South Pacific with at least one year’s food supply. The world’s nuclear powers do not aim missiles near the island to cause high local doses of radiation. That island could withstand nuclear winter given enough food, shelter, heat, etc. Could they withstand the fallout? I believe they could. Decontamination of the island would take years, if not decades would be difficult but possible given the near limitless resources of a corporation the size of Hanso. Could the SPIDER protocol consist of going into holes to wait out nuclear Armageddon?

Now, my theories on why I think THF has an RF shield set up on the island, and some insight into the SPIDER protocol in conjuction with Ox's information:

It has been proven that RF shield can protect from radiation. So its obvious that THF would love to have an RF shield to protect themselves against the nuclear fallout that is inevitable. (If, indeed the valenzetti equation is true)

It has also been proven that the EM waves could interfere with a missile's targeting systems, throwing thw warhead of course. If THF is going to bomb the world as a preemptive strike against an inevitable armageddon. (Something I'm not sure of yet.) They would need some kind of a defense from other nations firing back. (see the MAD protocol as refernced by Ox)

Finally, the last reason why I think THF has an RF shield on the island is because they have referenced to the spider protocol in the multicolored letter we have received. SPIDER possibly stands for "Scalable Processor Independent Design for Electromagnetic Resilience". This protocol as used by NASA is a new family of fault-tolerant architectures under development at NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC). The SPIDER is a general-purpose computational platform suitable for use in ultrareliable embedded control applications. The design scales from a small configuration supporting a single aircraft function to a large distributed configuration capable of supporting several functions simultaneously. This SPIDER protocol could be used to control to large networks of antennas that are needed to produce an RF shield to the strength THF needs.

Next week, Ox and I hope to produce a post on the uses of a EM shield in conjuction with fusion energy.

Namaste dudes,

Crossfade and Oxillini

EM/RF Shielding

I've been floating a theory around recently and have came across some info that might back it.

First, some background:

The EM generator in what was (*SPOILER*) formerly the swan hatch was considerably strong. (enough to pull down a plane) This field can be blamed for two troubles the losties have.
1)It can be the cause of changing the magnetic poles. (i.e. showing that north on a compass might not really be north)

2)It COULD be used as a cloaking device for the island, bending light rays around it so it can't be seen. (no research proving this yet)

But, the reason I think the EM generator is there is for an RF shield. Read this wiki article.

The article states that RF shield is made when electric & magnetic fields are coupled. This shield can be used to direct away electromagnetic radiation (or possibly other types of waves). It also quotes "Any holes in the shield force current to flow around them, so that fields passing through the holes do not excite opposing electromagnetic fields. These effects reduce the field-reflecting capability of the shield." This could be why (*SPOILER*) Henry Gale told Michael to sail towards 325 degrees on his compass.

Now, my theory:

THF is going to inhabit the island (possibly another), set up the shield and protect themselves from the radiation emitted from the "inevitable" nuclear apocalypse.
Also, THF finally finished the Valenzetti equation and realized apocalypse is coming very quickly. (Hence the fire.) They then decided the other islands were not prepared for the armageddon and resorted to go back to the Lost Island to survive.

Feel free to disagree,


Brain Power/The Human Computer

Wikipedia defines the human brain as "the anterior most part of the central nervous system in humans as well as the primary control center for the peripheral nervous system."

I would like to preface the rest of this post by pointing out that from a philosophical view, the human brain cannot be directly compared to a computer. Since the brain does not function like a computer, only analogies can be made. Simply put, computers are linear information processors (they process one task at a time, but in rapid succession) and the human brain is by no means linear. Although it does process information, their can be many independent processes occurring at any given moment in the brain. Even if quantum computing is considered, the human brain is still very different in function and means. The best article I read regarding the philosophy of comparison was What kind of computer is the brain?

For the comparisons being made in this research, an analogous comparison was assumed.

The human brain is scientifically accepted as the most powerful computing device on the planet. Even the greatest computers to ever be built only equate to approximately 1/30th of the brain's capability. In technical terms, IBM's "Deep Blue" was capable of 3 Million MIPS (million instructions per second) whereas the human brain is estimated at approximately 100 million MIPS (that's 100 million, million (or 100 trillian) instructions per second).

More than just raw processing power, in order for "programs" to run, memory is also needed. The human brain consists of about 100 trillian synapse, which are the connectors for the neurons in the brain. Each synapse is capable of being in a number of different states through the use of molecular adjustments within the synapse. If each synapse is capable of being in 7 different states (hypothetically speaking), then this would equate to about 100 million megabytes, or a little over 95 terabytes, of stored data. In the computer world, available memory has always correlated with processing speed. Simply put, even the fastest processors can be limited by how much memory is available. Slightly more technically put:

"The ratio of memory to speed has remained constant during computing history. The earliest electronic computers had a few thousand bytes of memory and could do a few thousand calculations per second. Medium computers of 1980 had a million bytes of memory and did a million calculations per second. Supercomputers in 1990 did a billion calculations per second and had a billion bytes of memory. The latest, greatest supercomputers can do a trillion calculations per second and can have a trillion bytes of memory."

The quote above is taken from an article by Hans Moravec of the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute. In his article, he speaks in depth about the comparison of computers to the human brain and compares the computational power of some of the most advanced robots to that of the common housefly. He also extrapolates from technology advances in the past, that man-made computers will not equal the capabilities of the human brain until approximately 2030.

Additional Reading:
Atlas of the Human Brain
Wikipedia: The Human Brain
The Human Brain Project

Thanks to Free1978 from TLEC comments for inspiring this research.

- oo7surge

The 3 Acts Idea

From the information gathered from the entertainment weekly article, we now know that the experience is a three part deal. If you've listened to the podcast you heard comments about the 48 day theory. (That is, the three parts of the experience are 48 days long each. The first part was, indeed 48.)

After the Persephone/THF shutdown and the premature (?) release of the Rachel Blake video we now seem to be caught in a flurry of clues, up to 3 a day. I believe this will continue and we will have to double our efforts during this time period.

This period may reveal many things, but I think that will wait until the third act for major stuff. We may also have to do more than dig with our computers, we may have to take roadtrips, watch for clues on ABC (which we have already done) and do other things that will lead to a (hopefully) flow of information.

Previously, he have had all of our clues handed to us at around 3-4:00 CST. That is all gone now that Rachel Blake is chatting at night. We now can't rule out that clues may come on the weekends or at other wierd times.

Antecedent has created a blog that summarizes all of act 1. Some of y'all that are a little behind would appreciate it. Here's a link:


Preparing to dig deep,


Helpful Terms and Definitions

There has been some confusion about what "in-game" means when used to describe websites or people, so I have decided to create a list of common defintions that we can all use in order to discuss things without this confusion. Note that this is a work in-progress; suggestions and comments are welcomed.

Fourth Wall: A character in a play or book is not supposed to know or refer to the fact that he's fictional. Once a character does this, he is said to have breached the fourth wall.
In-game: Anything that pretends that the world of The Lost Experience is real. If something is in-game, it cannot acknowledge the game's existence. If something refers to the game, then it is either not in-game or guilty of breaching the fourth wall.
Character: A character is a person who cannot refer to the game. A character can either be someone who is in-game or players pretending to be in-game.
Player: This includes anyone who is playing the game.
TPTB: The Powers That Be are the people who run the game. Also known as Puppetmasters (PMs).
TINAG: This Is Not A Game, an important concept in alternate reality games, this is said to remind people that they should be pretending that the world of the game is real.

In-game Characters: People who give clues to the players, who cannot acknowledge the game's existence.

In-game Websites: Websites are in-game if they are legitimately connected to The Lost Experience and also do not contain references to the game.

Six Different Types of In-Game Characters

Peripheral In-game Characters - They have not interacted, and we have not seen or heard them. They exist only in writing.
Rachel Blake's Posters - These in-game characters magically appear and help Rachel, but they don't interact with players.
Hard In-game Characters - They have not interacted with players, but we have seen and/or heard them.
Medium In-game Characters - They sometimes interact with players.
Soft In-game Characters - They mainly interact with players, but sometimes they help find or solve clues.
Fictional In-game Characters - These are fictional people who are made up by other in-game characters.

Types of Players

Regular - people like me and you.
Character - people like me and you, BUT when we are acting and talking like the game is reality (i.e., in-character).
Power - people who have some knowledge of what is going to happen in the game.
Fictional - people pretending to be players who give hints to the rest of us to help us solve clues. Also known as "plants."

Here is list of all characters in the game, categorized.

- Matt the Pale

Hanso Foundation Active Projects

The Mathematical Forecasting Initiative is one of the current active projects being undertaken by The Hanso Foundation. Its goal is to more accurately predict future events and trends by analysing current states and creating mathematical models. The Initiative's population growth models were used by the Minister of the Interior Mugato to launch strikes against their tribal enemies.

  • Will global changes in weather cause population centers to shift?
  • Where are new diseases likely to emerge?
  • Which species need protection now before they begin to decline?
  • How can the human race adapt to help the planet support our growing numbers?

The Mathematical Forecasting Initiative uses cutting-edge theory to anticipate the twists and turns of humanity's story. By understanding and modeling the mathematic probability of seismic human events, The Hanso Foundation can illuminate the path ahead and provide a true road map to the betterment of humanity.

The Worldwide Wellness and Prevention Development Program is one of the current active projects being undertaken by The Hanso Foundation. It has been alleged that the Program was used by the Foundation to conduct a organ-harvesting operation in Cape Town, South Africa. The Worldwide Wellness and Prevention Development Program is described as "the heart and soul" of The Hanso Foundation's work. The Program's work is further said to be a far-reaching educational initiative, designed to teach the basics of sanitation, nutrition and disease prevention to the world. The Foundation works with local health providers, growers, and utilities, enabling the life of Man to improve with the most basic of tools.
There are apparently an additional 3 other developments in other African countries

  • Mogadishu Hospital, Somalia
  • Conakry Hospital, Guinea
  • International Aid Effort, Ethiopia

It has always been the steadfast belief of Alvar Hanso that the mentally ill must be given every opportunity to not only heal, but to realize the potential robbed of them by their sickness. Every day, thousands of potentially productive minds are crippled by terrible diseases. The Hanso Foundation is committed to restoring these tragic losses. The Hanso Foundation's Mental Health Appeal is a world-spanning system of clinics seeking revolutionary new treatments. It is nothing short of a crusade to rid us all of the spectre of debilitating illnesses that truly hold hostage the human race's drive for a better future. From Gene Therapies, to radical pharmaceutical treatments and the cutting edge in both surgery and psychotherapy, the Hanso Foundation's Mental Health Appeal is moving forward to fulfill Alvar Hanso's ambitious mandate: the complete eradication of all mental illness by the end of the century.

The Electromagnetic Research Initiative is described as investigations into the various effects of electromagnetism, from radio waves to compasses. Through a myriad of experiments worldwide, the Electromagnetic Research Initiative aims to bring the human race a step closer into realising the potential of this crucial force. Also on the Website, there is a picture of what appears to be an aurora borealis or aurora australis (or something similar) that is dated October 28, 2001. Various scientific Web reports (accessed via Google) reveal that solar storm activity was particularly strong in Oct. '01 and that subsequent geomagnetic aberrations were substantial. There is also a scientific graph. This is a 'Hystersis Loop' - And has conotations to Magnetics, Electromagnetics, and materials science. As of May 18, 2006, the date on the picture changed to "October 62, 9291" - clicking on those coordinates on the graph will change the graph to put a compass rose at its origin.

The Institute for Genomic Advancement is dedicated to the extension of the previous Human Genome Project to its most logical conclusions, believing that once our building blocks are laid bare, the future we build on will have no limit.
In what may be the most forward reaching of The Hanso Foundation's active projects, the Institute seeks nothing less than the eradication disease and birth defects through a deeper understanding of the function and mechanisms of the human genome. The Institute for Genomic Advancement is likely controlled by Thomas Werner Mittelwerk, who lost his mother to a rare genetic disease (possibly Werner's disease) and was allegedly studying genetics at Caltech before being joining the Hanso Foundation. However this has not been proven.

The Life Extension Project is one of the current active projects being undertaken by The Hanso Foundation. Its ultimate goal is to extend the lifespan of humans so that we can lead fuller lives. Currently, the project has been successful in extending the life of their prize Orangutan, Joop, or so they claim. "The Life Extension Project can be described as the grand summation of all of the Foundation's work from prevention and wellness to the development of new gene therapies and the development of young minds is nothing less than the extension of life itself. If it is, indeed, an instinctive human drive -- as basic as the need to eat, to sleep, to love -- to see mortalitly itself arrested, the Life Extension Project humbly accepts the mantle of responsibility to see this done -- to push the boundaries of science and technology to see the human race go farther than ever before."

Littletigerone gave me this link that relates to LEP and IGA Thanks you rock!

The Educational Outreach program is one that is referenced twice at the bottom of The Hanso Foundation's Mission Statement on their website, but no further reference is made elsewhere on the site or in the game.

Peace & Namaste - Thrasher76


Main info about the DJDan website and DJDan:

May 16, 2006 DJDan website www.djdan.am

His website was first discovered as a hidden link inside the source code for www.thehansofoundation.org. A podcast ARCHIVE is inside the djdan website.
Many thanks to the transcribers...there are transcripts for the podcast. Please watch for links to these as you go along.

Some things to ponder:
DJDan is involved in almost EVERY in game website. I will add a list of websites to this important clue soon. STAY TUNED.

In his bios section there has a change from of him being a Desert Storm war vet to now Gulf war vet (unsure of date that happened at the moment). It has not been discovered as to why this change occurred.

On the bios page, it lists one of his possible birthplaces as Terre Haute, Indiana. Peter Thompson, from The Hanso Foundation was born there in 1959...DJ Dan sometime in the 60's.

Thanks to Bones for pointing out:
There used to be real links on his site that have been removed. click here to see active list

**note...on the same day as the website became public someone by the name "namastepete" also uploaded a video on youtube.com spelling out the djdan website. This was never verified to be in-game but did arrive on same day as djdan. click this for video**


PODCAST May 16th
Here is the first podcast dated May 16th click click here to go to podcast

TRANSCRIPT: to view this one... click here

My assessments of the transcripts, just my own opinions click here to view

PODCAST May 26th
When you click on the link for this podcast, DJDan takes you to www.sublymonal.com website. Through clues Persephone gives and you have to put “108” in the text box and hit enter.
Here is copy of the podcast dated May 26th click here to listen

TRANSCRIPT: to view this one… click here to read

My assessment of the transcript….
click here to read

PODCAST video was June 1st (mp3 acutually June 6th)
You get directed to www.letyourcompassguideyou.com. From that point turn the compass by mousing over to 108 degrees which will allow you to click at that point. Once you click it takes you to a list of files. DJDan is in the owelles folder. straight link to owelles folder

Now this is where it gets good: When this first came out on June 1st, it had a video link to www.youtube.com. File name was : tel_soul.mov ( anagram for Sell out ). That video was removed on June 6th. It was replaced with an mp3 file in the same location.
Here is a link to the mp3 version that came out on June 6th click here to hear podcast

TRANSCRIPT: to view this one… click here to view transcript

Some things to ponder about the video: COMING SOON

My assessment of the transcript….click here to view

PODCAST June 8th
Clicking on the podcast link on his site takes you to http://podcast.monster.com/archives/djdan/
At the bottom of the page you will see...
Podcast: "Shutting Down the Man" Radio Announcer DJ Dan talks with listeners about genetic engineering and its impact on humanity's future. THAT IS THE PODCAST. click here to listen

TRANSCRIPT: click here to view

DJDan's website now has direct link to this podcast. After you click on the 6/08 it loads, but in the upper left hand corner its says 6/18....most likely a typo but worth pointing out.

My assessment of the transcript….click here to view

Things to know:
This is a very important podcast! This is the one where DJDan gets threatened by unknown caller and is the podcast where Richard calls in about the shark.

PODCAST June 14th
This one took time to get. First it is suppose to come out on 6/12. On 6/13 a link is added but only takes you to retrieversoftruth.com and you need to type in porter in the "get our newsletter to see the forums. On 6/14 DSLerator gives us the link to DJDan's podcast, at the bottom. click here to hear copy of podcast

TRANSCRIPT: click here to view

My assessment of the transcript: click here to view

Things to know:
This is first (and so far only) podcast that doesnt have/mention Tonya. Also the podcast brings up nanotechnology.

PODCAST June 16th
When you click on the 5/16 podcast on DJDan's site it takes you to sublymonal.com. Enter "hello" and submit. Then click on the far left monitor and type "BigD" and you get the podcast.
click here to hear the podcast

TRANSCRIPT: click here to view

PODCAST June 21st
You get directed to www.letyourcompassguideyou.com. From that point turn the compass by mousing over to 108 degrees which will allow you to click at that point. Once you click it gives you to a screen that you have to answer yes/no if you are a believer. Hit the "Y" key and enter. It then brings up a list of files. DJDan is in the owelles folder. click here to go there Now once again, go to the owelles folder, then you will see the file DJDAN6-21.mp3. click here to hear podcast

TRANSCRIPT: click here to view

PODCAST June 26th

This podcast takes you to the monster.com site again click here go to monster podcast page. You will see at the bottom of page Podcast: Shutting Down the Man: Radio Announcer DJ Dan talks with listeners about the world’s ultimate conspiracy. click here to go to podcast

TRANSCRIPT: click here to read

PODCAST June 30th

TRANSCRIPT: click here to read

Click here to hear podcast

PODCAST July 5th

TRANSCRIPT: click here to read

click here to hear podcast

*****On June 16th www.broadbandstories.com has a clip on DJDan. You can see this on the bottom row, fourth from the left. click here to go to broadband stories

HERE IS THE TRANSCRIPT! (A promised shout out to my buddies Josh and The Truth Tempest from ITE!) click here to read


***ANOTHER VIDEO: Unconfirmed how this video surfaced but is confirmed (per Speaker) that it is in play. This video was uploaded on June 19th 2006 on youtube.com by a user name "thejeepchannel" (same user as a previous jeep commercial poster). ***

click here to view video

TRANSCRIPT & VIEWS ON VIDEO: click here to read

Things to ponder:
Thanks Josh for the following question:

Why is this video named " ≈ "? Per Wikipedia it means "approximately equal". Please refer to wikipedia click here It can mean a couple of things. You can see it by going to the above video link.

If anyone feels something could be added here to benefit please drop me a comment!
~team lena~

Handshakes & Backstabbings - Corporate Politics

The Hanso Foundation stands at the vanguard of social and scientific research for the advancement of the human race.

How many thought that Enron was bad? Well folks The Hanso Foundation appears to have an even dirtier cast of top level Executives and Board Members. This is the paper trail that has been left behind. Please help me if I missed anything.

On May 2, 2006 The Hanso Foundation issues a press release re-launching their corporate website along with a new ad campaign "Reaching out for a better tomorrow."

The following press release, May 5, 2006, basically apologizes for the overwhelming response they were not prepared for both online and via the Hanso phone line.

Calling the Hanso Foundation hotline gave us some interesting messages and a message from Persephone. First we had a Danish DJ and then some static and Persephone's message. Some advertisements then another message from Persephone. Next up is a pretty standard corporate away messages. You have reached the office of Dr. Thomas Mittlewerk and so on, what is interesting is he mentions Paik-Heavy, Widmore Group and a special employee hotline. Now on to Hugh McIntyre, also away and mentions a Korean off-shore project. Very interesting. Peter Thompson's is very similar to Hughes, then a disruption and a man defending the company and threatening to find those damaging the corporation and bring them to justice. Why would someone not erase that message and allow it to get to the general public?

The next day, May 6, they issue a press release apologizing for the disruption and that their system has not been compromised and no data was corrupted, that the intruder only penetrated the outer layer of the site. Act 1 has begun and we are introduced to Persephone.

We also received a hack from Persephone that led us to the following letters.

Seems they can change the leadership at any company at any moment. IMHO, this is pretty much impossible to do, but I guess for the right amount of money nothing is impossible. Even more alarming is the request itself. What types of testing are they doing in Zanzibar?

How harmful is this trans-genetic disease?

EDIT: Factual errors! The first set of letters refer to a potential outbreak of meningitis in Tanzania. The first letter describes it as a "meningococcal" disease. This term is specifically used in microbiology to describe meningitis caused by bacteria. In the second letter, Peter Thompson refers to the disease as a "virus". Kudos to DrPunkass for adding this to the comments.

In the midst of all of this The Hanso Foundation also begins a campaign against the Gary Troup book "Bad Twin." This starts a series of press releases, one from HF, then one from the books publishers, Hyperion books, defending it and so on. Still the book gets published and it's affects are small to both parties. The book itself has very little information in it regarding The Hanso Foundation, but there must be some reason that they did not want it published. Gary Troups other work "The Valenzetti Equation," is one that has been rumored to be bought up by the foundation and is now out of print. What is in that book that is so important?

There seemed to be a pattern to Persephone and how she was obtaining and releasing information. First up on her hit list was good ol' Thomas Mittlewerk, seems he really did not go to Caltech after all, they have no record of him or any tuition payments from him. So what exactly is he a doctor of?
Who is this Clown?

EDIT: Factual Error! It's not unheard of for companies to pluck bright young minds from campuses and put them to work before they finish their degree. Usually in these cases the student finishes the degree "on the job". Is it possible that this is how Mittlewerk is a "doctor"? Thanks again to DrPunkass for the factual update in the comments.

Hugh McIntyre was next to be brought to his knees by Persephone. Seems the communications and public relations VP is not as squeaky clean as he is portrayed. We receive images of receipts from two French establishments and some photos of Hugh and some woman having a grand old time. And we see the 'real' Hugh McIntyre on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Next we get information on Peter Thompson, VP General council and secretary. Peter is a very busy guy. We learn of his past dealings with big tobacco companies, industrial waste, and nuclear power plant proposals, each and everytime Pete gets things to go his way and the dastardly companies he works for. Peter apparently works for criminals, "always has, always will."

Peter is also envolved with what seems to be a very lucrative deal with the Jeep division of Daimler Chrystler, but somewhere the deal goes south and Chrystler backs out. Why do they need so many Jeep Compass' anyway? And what is with the secret modifications?

We also learn that two of the board members, Peck and Vanderfield, have been very bad boys and are each sentenced to serve jail time for corporate crime including insider trading and perjury. In comes Peter and they serve very little time off of their sentences. Boy, Pete sure is good, but why are these two criminals on the board of such a reputable company?

Hanso is not as benevolent as they would like you to beleive. It appears that using it's theories from the Mathmatical Forcasting Initiative they can determine the future. Why else would they want to start wars? Peter drafted the letter but of course assumes no responsibility for the information, they need "plausible deniability," to keep their hands clean.

Companies with global reach are sometimes the most dangerous. Seems the Hanso Group has been up to no good in Capetown, Africa. It appears as if Hanso was about to be exposed for using a hospital there to harvest organs and possibly extract the compound D20 from patients to extend their lives. The newspaper was promptly 'acquired' by the Hanso Group and the reporter was 'silenced.' The government attempted to expel the company from the region. Seems this corporation is more powerful than actual governments.

Focus shifts to a mysterious letter from a Dr. Eliza Vasquez reaching out to Alvar Hanso and his state of health. It appears that 'Senior Hanso' has a bad ticker. He came into the hospital as mysteriously as he left. He wanted no blood drawn and discharged himself when his medical team arrived. Many people have inquired about his visit there and there is no record of his stay at all. Who is running this place anyway?

Some video of Alvar's parking space, desk and entrance are shown with no presence of Alvar but items begin to disappear from his desk. Where is Alvar?

Act 2 begins with more corporate disfunction. Our boy Huge is scene with his presumed mistress. Is this the woman he wined and dined before? We are also introduced to a new player trying to expose the Hanso Foundation, Rachel Blake. She has even found a wedding photo to compare to the woman seen with Hugh. She also has been following around Thomas Mittlewerk and followed him into the archives and found his last entry was a search of shipping lanes. What are they looking for that they would go to such great lengths to get their hands on?

Rachel follows Mittlewerk to a vegan place she calls his second office. She places a wire in the pepper shaker and records the conversation, problem is she doesn't speak Korean. It gets translated by various team members at The Lost Experience Clues and Inside The Experience websites and is determined the meat of the conversation was around a secret vessel Mittelwerk is having built by Paik Industries. Now why would he be looking up shipping lanes and now confirming the completion of his boat? Click on the link to hear the conversation.


Another press release was issued and the Hanso Foundation was named Partner in World Health by the Global Welfare Consortium for its efforts of the Worldwide Wellness and Prevention Development Program. In the GWC's thorough review of The Hanso Foundation's major programs by the regulatory Corporate Compliance Committee, The Hanso Foundation
was found to exceed the GWC's standards of corporate excellence in the areas of environmental impact, social outreach, and workplace safety/well-being standards. I wonder who they have working in these two organizations to garner them this great distinction?

Rachel was at it again and this time came face to face with Thomas Mittlewerk, love the ponytail Tommie! She accidentally bumped into him as he was leaving the Copenhagen Cartographical Society. He drops what he came out with and we see this map which Rachel then posts on her site, check it out.


There is certainly something going on in the upper level management of this company. There is something they are hiding and something they are collectively looking for and will stop at nothing to acquire.

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!

Peace & Namaste - Thrasher76

Red Herrings and Wild Goose Chases

As the Lost Experience has grown, so has the amount of false information and illegitimate clues. Because of the level of expertise many of the players of this game possess, some of these false clues appear polished and professional. From fake blogs to homemade orientation videos, the missinformation is mounting. I've created this post to collect and expose this false information. If you come across what you believe to be a fake clue or you are aware of a false clue that already exists, post it in the comments section. As we collect this information, I will add it to the main post for easier access. Please keep your comments clear and concise - provide links and explain why you believe the information is unofficial. By exposing the frauds, we hope to help players of all levels navigate the game more effectively.


Lost Experience Timeline

An on-going, ever changing timeline of the events in the Lost Experience. Hopefully, by keeping this timeline we might be able to see a trend or make a connection. Feel free to suggest additions or corrections to this timeline.

This Timeline will help us keep track of recent and past events, see when and where characters are, see videos, hear podcasts, and try to keep us focused as to what is happening in the Lost Experience.

Please go to THIS SITE to view the Lost Experience Timeline in it's entirity.



I'm spending a lot of time reading posts at various websites. There are a bunch of great theories out there, so I thought I would put them all together in one place.

I will update this section as new theories are introduced and old theories are solved/or found to have nothing to them. I apologize in advance beacuse it is kind of long. Each theory has a heading in italics to help you navigate through this post.


Remember, these are just theories:
~DJ Dan and Peter Thompson either know each other, or are the same person. We know that one of the cities DJ Dan could have been born in is Terre Haute, In...that's where Peter was born. We also know that DJ Dan was born around 1960. Peter's year of birth is 1959. Original theory posted by pwyll at thelostexperienceclues.com.

~Walt connected to Retrievers of Truth website. On the ROT website under the “History and Notoriety” tab there is a story attributed to the date 1899 about a yellow lab born to a black lab mother in Australia. The interesting thing about the story is the names of those involved. Check it out: It all takes place in Australia. The dog was owned by the Porter family. The yellow lab puppy was rescued by a child of a servant named Lloyd. The story included in a time line created by a Vincent “Wally” Bole. Now the Walt Connection: Walt’s mother was named Susan Lloyd. She left Michael and married her boss Brian Porter. They end up living in Australia. When Michael and Walt left to return to LA, Brian Porter gave Walt Lloyd a yellow lab named Vincent. Original theory posted by Xb4all at thetailsection.com.

~What happened to Alvar Hanso, and who is running THF now? Here's what I think: 1. Alvar Hanso was the only person at the Hanso Foundation who has/had access to the Valenzetti Equation. 2. He used this knowledge to direct the Foundation's activities, but never let anyone know exactly and completely what the equation consists of. 3. Alvar Hanso disappears, taking the Valenzetti Equation with him. Obviously, he disappears after the Madrid Incident. Why? We don't know if he ran into hiding or if he was captured or killed. 4. Mittelwerk and the others left at the Hanso Foundation use the VIK Institute and the autistic savants to re-create the Valenzetti Equation, using what little they already know about it. Obviously there is conflict between Mittelwerk and Hanso, but we don't know if that's what drove him away: Mittelwerk took over and then- imprisoned, killed, etc. Hanso- caused him to go into hiding. OR, Alvar Hanso ran away, was killed, etc., and then Mittelwerk took over. Original theory posted by Matt the Pale on the research disscussion blog.

~Hugh on Jimmy Kimmel...the real Hugh? The whole Hugh Mcintyre thing on Jimmy Kimmel. We're not sure if that's the real Hugh. Maybe the real Hugh went missing with Hanso and this new guy is taking over for him as Mittelwerk is taking over for Hanso. Only not to cause a panic, he assumes Hugh's identity, and tells people Hanso's fine. Original theory posted by damn the man on the research discussion blog.

~Hanso and alchemy. It's possible that the Hanso Foundation and Alvar Hanso are somehow related to alchemy. Alvar Hanso is an arms dealer, which means he sells weapons for money. Figuratively speaking, this means he convers lead (guns) into gold (money). But on a more serious note, someone over at LostPedia made the connection between Magnus Hanso and St. Nicholas the Great. Read it for yourself here, but remember it has spoilers! Also, the Hanso Foundation is trying to extend lifespans and eradicate disease -- the same things that the alchemists were trying to do with things like the panacea and the elixir of life. We've already seen several connections in TLE to the alchemists. For example, the "Japanese Mouse" that the people over at RoT talk about -- that mouse is Kaguya, the parthenogenical mouse, but in the Japanese legend, Kaguya the moon princess gave the Emperor of Japan the elixir of life. Original theory posted by Matt the Pale on the research discussion blog.

~The DHARMA LOGO and Bagua. The Swan logo is an example of the use of the Bagua concept, as either a type of navigation [compass], or fengshui. The blast door map is the octogonal shape. It's possible that the Bagua symbols could match up with the island, and possibly to the hatches. These are some of the possibilities: This is by just putting the Bagua symbol right over the blast door map of the island as is with no moving. This is by setting "Fame/Rank" over the Flame hatch because of the fire reference. And this is damn the man trying to set "Family/Health" to where the "foot" is because "Family/Health" has a reference to a foot in it. And the way it's set up, "Fame/Rank" lies near the Arrow which had the glass eye, and "Fame/Rank" has references to an eye in it. Original theory posted by TaiwanGuy in the IRC. Pictures by damn the man.

~Dr. "Wally" is Alvar Hanso. Here is a comparitive of the doc with the hidden picture of A.H. at thf.org Original theory posted at Lostpedia.com.

~The Electromagnetic Research Initiative. It may possibly have a direct correlation to the huge magnetic force that was contained by punching in the numbers every 108 minutes on the show Lost. Original theory posted at Lostpedia.com.

~The Life Extension Project. Some of the DHARMA/Hanso people seem to change over time (Candle uses differant name and no longer has bad arm), the clues have shown signatures to change over time, and in McIntyre's interview with Jimmy Kimmel they discussed how he didn't look like his picture; it may be that the life extension project involves some kind of "body/mind swapping" technique where people migrate their minds into younger bodies as they grow old. Alvar Hanso may be a recluse because he inhabits a body which is too young to miss. Original theory posted at Lostpedia.com.

~Liddy is Ms. Klugh. Liddy Wales character could be Ms. Klugh from Lost episode "Three Minutes." Who seems to be a major figure in the others and therefore probably DHARMA who are obviously connected to Hanso. Original theory posted at Lostpedia.com.

~Time future theory. The ARG is possibly set in a future time to our reality. We see this in multiple time discrepencies in the game. For example, the RoT board having posts "in the future", and SPEAKER's comment about the series being representative of past events. It is possible that the show "Lost" is set in the past, we (meaning those of us playing the game) are set in the present, and the game is set in the future. Original theory posted by 007surge and damn the man on the research discussion blog.

Persephone is Rachel who is also related to Alvar Hanso (possibly his daughter/granddaughter). 1. P.'s goal does not seem to be to take down Alvar Hanso as much as to locate him. "Where is Alvar Hanso??" has been prominent in a huge number of her hacks. 2. Mittlewerk's apparent recognition of Rachel. Maybe he knew her as a child and, thus, recognized her but couldn't place her face. 3. The overall prevelence of parent-child relationships in the show: Jack, Locke, Michael/Walt, Sun, Anna-Lucia, etc. 4. "Let the force be with you."- Perhaps the most prominent disfunctional father-child relationship in movie history. Could Rachel have been hinting at her true identity? Original theory posted by taiwonguy via email to the research team.

Behind the Game: Bad Twin

Searching my normal sites today and there's some stories about everyone's summer reading assignment: Gary Troup's "Bad Twin." This includes confirmation on who actually wrote the book.

Variety.com: The news that he's the "Bad Twin" author may disappoint some fans who thought the novel might have been penned by Stephen King. But it may prompt some of them to search for anagrams of Shames' name..."

I'm not sure which "copyrighted" elements aren't going to be easy to use in the show. At first, this sounded like it could've been "in-game" talk that somehow made it into Variety. But no. This is inside talk. What it MIGHT give is some clues on how deepy the book will tie-in to the ARG.

Another recent article about "Bad Twin:"

Op-Ed article: Truth Doesn't Sell as Well as Fiction

Bones (aka KBarrick)

The Valenzetti Equation

The Valenzetti Equation is the name of a calculation made by the mathematician Enzo Valenzetti and also the name of an out-of-print book by Gary Troup.

Little is known about the Equation itself—the only person in the world who has a copy, according to Gary Troup, is Alvar Hanso.

Furthermore, in the interview linked above, we learn that Alvar Hanso bought not only all copies of Troup's Valenzetti Equation book but also the rights to reprint it.

The actual Valenzetti Equation itself is often described by most people as "predicting when the world will end." However, this is inaccurate.

According to the Valenzetti entry at LostPedia, which is "cited by Speaker as being 'VERY accurate'," the Valenzetti Equation is actually a prediction of how many years are left before human beings are killed off as a result of global nuclear warfare. Sometime after the Cuban Missile Crisis was over on October 28, 1962, the U. N. commissioned Valenzetti to perform a study to determine how likely global nuclear warfare would become. He completed his work less than a year later. In light of this context, the Valenzetti Equation seems to be a type of special Cold War game theory.

No one knows specifically how much time the Valenzetti Equation says we have left—if Gary Troup's claim is true, only Alvar Hanso has access to this information. However, since the Equation was most likely developed from Valenzetti's extensive knowledge of politics, social struggle, population forecasting, and game theory, it seems probable that, given enough resources, one could duplicate his work.

If more information is discovered about the Valenzetti Equation, it will be posted here.

Summary of Facts about the Equation:
- It predicts when everyone will die from global nuclear warfare.
- Enzo Valenzetti developed a year after the Cuban Missle Crisis.
- Alvar Hanso is the only person in the world who has a copy of it.
- Gary Troup wrote a book about it called The Valenzetti Equation.
- Alvar Hanso bought all the copies of Troup's book and the copyright.
- No one outside the Hanso Foundation has access to the Equation.
- Very few people inside the Hanso Foundation have access to it.

Additional Links:
Gary Troup - A summary of The Valenzetti Equation by Gary Troup
Interview - A transcript of Gary Troup's interview on Book Talk
Game Theory - Wikipedia entry on game theory

- Matt the Pale


Persephone (pur-SEF-uh-nee)

EDIT: In clue #66, Rachel Blake posted on her blog that she is Persephone!

Our no longer faceless hacker guide is shrouded in mystery and cryptic in her communications. What do we know about her? Where is she? and of course, is she alone? These are just a few of the questions surrounding her, and hopefully we can shed some light onto this "Queen of the Underworld".

Artwork: Proserpine, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1874, oil, Tate Gallery in London

From Lostpedia:

Persephone is one of the main characters in The Lost Experience, a hacker that acts as a guide through the story, leading players to clues and pointing out her discoveries to us.

Mythology Information:

Persephone is a major player in Greek mythology. Often considered an Olympian, she crosses storylines with most of the other major Greek gods and goddesses. She is attributed as the Kore or "Young Maiden". She was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, and became the goddess of the underworld after being abducted by Hades. The story of her abduction, and the ensuing search for her by Demeter, is considered by many scholars to be one of the most important myths in Greek mythology.

  • In a second version of the Persephone myth, referenced by Dawn Work-MaKine on her website, Persephone goes willingly into the underworld as an attempt to ease the suffering the souls who reside there and to help prepare them for their 'rebirth'. I have been unable to find a copy of this myth online, but have seen several references to it.

As part of the Eleusinian Mysteries (traditionally begun on September 13th), the search by Demeter for her daughter Persephone is re-enacted. The rite possibly included elements re-enacting the hieros gamos (sacred marriage). Participation in the ritual was thought to enable the soul to experience the connection among life, death, and rebirth – to achieve a spiritual renewal, or even a literal “rebirth” or immortality.

Persephone was courted by Hermes, Ares, Apollo, and Hephaistos.

Persephone was also known as “Queen of the Underworld” and encompasses both life and death – unifying in one deity the full life cycle.

Her name is from the Greek words persô and phonos. Her name has been translated to mean "Destructive Manslayer", "Destroyer of Sound", or "Destroyer of Light". "Destroyer of Light" appears to be the most commonly accepted translation.

Additional Mythology Info:
For reading material, please visit the following:
MythWeb - summary
Encyclopedia Mythica - another summary
Wikipedia - more in-depth information

- oo7surge (Kyle M., thank you for the email!)



1901: Joop born?

LATE 1920’S: Enrico Valenzetti born in Sardinia

1940 AH arms dealer during WWII and to NATO (1949), for 'decades' and then turns to 'humanitarian'

OCTOBER 28, 1943: The Philadelphia Experiment information

1949: Alvar Hanso is an arms dealer in WWII

1959: Peter Thompson born in Terre Haute, Indiana bio of Thompson

1962(after): UN commissioned equation to predict Armagedon after Cuban Missile Crisis. Enrico

1963 Valenzetti presents his Equation Valenzetti information

1965 1964 The Hanso Foundation founded

1967: Alvar Hanso speaks at the United Nations

1970: Dharma Initiative starts information

1980: Swan and Pearl Orientations films copyrighted

12/7/1981 H.G. Relegation Inspection

10/28/1984 Suspected D.I.H.G. Meteorlogical Research Shutdown (suspected)

1985 Caduceus Station Abandoned due to AH/MDG Incident

1980 to 1985 Mittelwerk joins THF (over 20 years)

1986 Peck +Vanderfield arrested; Peck gets 4 yrs for taking bribes, Vanderfield gets 8 yrs for insider trading and perjury.

MAY 24, 1986: Houston. Jacob Vanderfield sentenced to 4 yrs. For taking bribes. Peter Thompson is his attorney? Lawrence Peck sentenced to 8 years for insider trading and 2 years for perjury and obstruction of justice. Peter Thompson is his attorney.

1987: Dharma Initiative funding stopped by Hanso Foundation (per Hugh McIntyre on the Jimmy Kimmel Show)

1988: Rousseau arrives on island- the Others are there already

1989: Lawrence Peck released after serving 18 months.
1989 Peck +Vandefield convicted;Peck out after 6 months; Peter Thompson is thier lawyer
1990 Vandefield out after 18 months; Peter Thopmson is their lawyer
1990: Jacob Vanderfield released after serving 6 months

(SOME issues with jail times above...working on resolving)

1992 - THF forcefully ejected from The Congo

1994: Peter Thompson defended Williamsburg Tobacco Co. against class action suit on behalf of cancer victims.

1996: Population growth model starts in African country (link with Peter Thompson and Mugato)

1998: Peter Thompson defended Globoco Oil as polluters of carcinogenic industrial waste.

4/8/2000 System Failure

JUNE 16, 2000: Alvar Hanso in London

NOVEMBER 12, 2000: Alvar Hanso in Copenhagen

2001: Peter Thompson gets cancer and meets Alvar Hanso

2001: Peter Thompson worked on So. Georgia case for a nuclear power plant

JANUARY 1, 2001: Alvar Hanso in Copenhagen

FEBRUARY 23, 2001: Alvar Hanso in Paris

JULY 12, 2001: Alvar Hanso in Geneva

8/15/2001 System Failure

SEPTEMBER 18, 2001: Alvar Hanso in Roma

OCTOBER 28, 2001: Northern Lights go crazy

DECEMBER 31, 2002: Alvar Hanso last seen in Madrid

1/6/2003 System Failure

10/28/2003 Northern Lights Photo on ERI page

OCTOBER 28, 2003: Grainy photo of Alvar Hanso

MAY 20, 2004-JUNE 19, 2006: Three surveillance cameras set up in Alva Hanso’s carpark, desk and parlor in Copenhagen.

AUGUST 17, 2004: Gary Troup invited to Sydney by Christine DeVries of Walkabout Publishing.

AUGUST 24, 2004: Gary Troup accepts DeVries’ invitation.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2004: Printout taken from Alvar Hanso’s desk per surveillance camera

September 16, 2004:Part 1-6 Gary Troup interview with Laird Granger
youtube video

SEPTEMBER 22, 2004: Oceanic Flight 815 crashes

9/22/2004 System Failure

NOVEMBER 28, 2004: Cessation of Scottish feudalism(in Bad Twin)

LATE NOVEMBER to EARLY DECEMBER 2004: 60-65 days since plane crashed on Sept 22, 2004 according to Locke talking to Desmond(end Season 2)

2005: Reporter dies in car crash covering organ harvesting story for Cape Town Inquistor (per phone recording)

MARCH 25, 2005: Disc and file taken from Alvar Hanso’s desk per surveillance camera

SEPTEMBER 19, 2005: Letter from Jacques Maillot to Dr. Roderick Johnson with copy to Peter Thompson re: meningococcal disease in Tanzania.

9/25/2005 P. Thompson:acting director GWC

SEPTEMBER 25, 2005: Letter to Dr. Roderick Johnson from Global Welfare Consortium signed by Peter Thompson as Acting Director

2006: “Bad Twin” copyrighted by Touchstone Television

FEBRUARY 24, 2006: Letter to Hanso Foundation from Daimler-Chrysler for Jeep contract dated March 1, 2006 - May 31, 2006 the contract

MARCH 10, 2006: Letter from Daimler-Chrysler to Peter Thompson rescinding fleet contract for Jeeps the letter

MARCH 17 - 19, 2006: Hugh McIntyre stayed at Hotel La Dolce Vita in London with lover. photos for viewing

4/12/2006 Retrievers Of Truth Forum goes upretrievers of truth

APRIL 19, 2006: Mittelwerk visits Verizon office per employees

MAY 2, 2006: “Bad Twin” released and reviewed.

MAY 2, 2006: The Hanso Foundation website up

MAY 3, 2006: First Hanso commercial with phone number to call the trascript

MAY 3, 2006: First Hanso commercial with phone number to call. Learn of current Korean off-shore project in cooperation with Widmore Corp. and Paik Heavy Industries. Mittelwork away from office for 3 weeks, McIntyre away for 2 weeks, and P. Thompson in office

5/4/2006 Bad Twin on Sale

MAY 5, 2006: Persephone starts hacking THF

MAY 6, 2006: Hanso press release regarding “disruption” in website hanso press release

MAY 9, 2006: Letter to Robert Miller of Hyperion Books from Hugh McIntyre to cease publishing “Bad Twin” letter

MAY 10, 2006: Hanso puts out ad denouncing “Bad Twin” bad twin ad

May 16, 2006 DJDan podcast the podcast

MAY 17, 2006: Given letyoucompassguideyou.com site. “The mouthpiece” password found by Buddha. DI9FFtr751 found on Gematrian Wheel. Questionable Peter Thompson signature. mouthpiece pic and contract

MAY 24, 2006: Mittelwerk takes file from Verizon office (per ROT forum)

MAY 25, 2006: Hugh McIntyre on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Says LOST is fiction. the youtube video

MAY 25, 2006: Part 7 of Gary Troup interview. Hyperion has ad in USA Today claiming “all of Troup’s claims about THF are true.”

MAY 26, 2006: DJ Dan podcast

MAY 26, 2006: Cape Town Inquisitor has article re Hanso involved in organ harvesting. the page

MAY 29, 2006: Cape Town Inquisitor retracts article re Hanso involved in organ harvesting. THF buys paper.the page

5/29 THF buys Cape Town Inquisitor retraction

JUNE 1, 2006: DJ Dan pod cast

JUNE 8, 2006: DJ Dan pod cast. He gets threatened. the podcast

JUNE 14, 2006 DJ Dan pod cast...nanotechnology discussed. the podcast

JUNE 15, 2006: Letters taken from Alvar Hanso’s desk per surveillance camera. Desk now empty.

JUNE 16, 2006: DJ Dan podcast. Apparently autistic savants at the Vik Institute are being used to work on the Valenzetti Equation. the podcast

June 16, 2006: First Rachel Blake video (rumored to be a leak at the time)
the video

**Updates currently underway!**