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1901: Joop born?

LATE 1920’S: Enrico Valenzetti born in Sardinia

1940 AH arms dealer during WWII and to NATO (1949), for 'decades' and then turns to 'humanitarian'

OCTOBER 28, 1943: The Philadelphia Experiment information

1949: Alvar Hanso is an arms dealer in WWII

1959: Peter Thompson born in Terre Haute, Indiana bio of Thompson

1962(after): UN commissioned equation to predict Armagedon after Cuban Missile Crisis. Enrico

1963 Valenzetti presents his Equation Valenzetti information

1965 1964 The Hanso Foundation founded

1967: Alvar Hanso speaks at the United Nations

1970: Dharma Initiative starts information

1980: Swan and Pearl Orientations films copyrighted

12/7/1981 H.G. Relegation Inspection

10/28/1984 Suspected D.I.H.G. Meteorlogical Research Shutdown (suspected)

1985 Caduceus Station Abandoned due to AH/MDG Incident

1980 to 1985 Mittelwerk joins THF (over 20 years)

1986 Peck +Vanderfield arrested; Peck gets 4 yrs for taking bribes, Vanderfield gets 8 yrs for insider trading and perjury.

MAY 24, 1986: Houston. Jacob Vanderfield sentenced to 4 yrs. For taking bribes. Peter Thompson is his attorney? Lawrence Peck sentenced to 8 years for insider trading and 2 years for perjury and obstruction of justice. Peter Thompson is his attorney.

1987: Dharma Initiative funding stopped by Hanso Foundation (per Hugh McIntyre on the Jimmy Kimmel Show)

1988: Rousseau arrives on island- the Others are there already

1989: Lawrence Peck released after serving 18 months.
1989 Peck +Vandefield convicted;Peck out after 6 months; Peter Thompson is thier lawyer
1990 Vandefield out after 18 months; Peter Thopmson is their lawyer
1990: Jacob Vanderfield released after serving 6 months

(SOME issues with jail times above...working on resolving)

1992 - THF forcefully ejected from The Congo

1994: Peter Thompson defended Williamsburg Tobacco Co. against class action suit on behalf of cancer victims.

1996: Population growth model starts in African country (link with Peter Thompson and Mugato)

1998: Peter Thompson defended Globoco Oil as polluters of carcinogenic industrial waste.

4/8/2000 System Failure

JUNE 16, 2000: Alvar Hanso in London

NOVEMBER 12, 2000: Alvar Hanso in Copenhagen

2001: Peter Thompson gets cancer and meets Alvar Hanso

2001: Peter Thompson worked on So. Georgia case for a nuclear power plant

JANUARY 1, 2001: Alvar Hanso in Copenhagen

FEBRUARY 23, 2001: Alvar Hanso in Paris

JULY 12, 2001: Alvar Hanso in Geneva

8/15/2001 System Failure

SEPTEMBER 18, 2001: Alvar Hanso in Roma

OCTOBER 28, 2001: Northern Lights go crazy

DECEMBER 31, 2002: Alvar Hanso last seen in Madrid

1/6/2003 System Failure

10/28/2003 Northern Lights Photo on ERI page

OCTOBER 28, 2003: Grainy photo of Alvar Hanso

MAY 20, 2004-JUNE 19, 2006: Three surveillance cameras set up in Alva Hanso’s carpark, desk and parlor in Copenhagen.

AUGUST 17, 2004: Gary Troup invited to Sydney by Christine DeVries of Walkabout Publishing.

AUGUST 24, 2004: Gary Troup accepts DeVries’ invitation.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2004: Printout taken from Alvar Hanso’s desk per surveillance camera

September 16, 2004:Part 1-6 Gary Troup interview with Laird Granger
youtube video

SEPTEMBER 22, 2004: Oceanic Flight 815 crashes

9/22/2004 System Failure

NOVEMBER 28, 2004: Cessation of Scottish feudalism(in Bad Twin)

LATE NOVEMBER to EARLY DECEMBER 2004: 60-65 days since plane crashed on Sept 22, 2004 according to Locke talking to Desmond(end Season 2)

2005: Reporter dies in car crash covering organ harvesting story for Cape Town Inquistor (per phone recording)

MARCH 25, 2005: Disc and file taken from Alvar Hanso’s desk per surveillance camera

SEPTEMBER 19, 2005: Letter from Jacques Maillot to Dr. Roderick Johnson with copy to Peter Thompson re: meningococcal disease in Tanzania.

9/25/2005 P. Thompson:acting director GWC

SEPTEMBER 25, 2005: Letter to Dr. Roderick Johnson from Global Welfare Consortium signed by Peter Thompson as Acting Director

2006: “Bad Twin” copyrighted by Touchstone Television

FEBRUARY 24, 2006: Letter to Hanso Foundation from Daimler-Chrysler for Jeep contract dated March 1, 2006 - May 31, 2006 the contract

MARCH 10, 2006: Letter from Daimler-Chrysler to Peter Thompson rescinding fleet contract for Jeeps the letter

MARCH 17 - 19, 2006: Hugh McIntyre stayed at Hotel La Dolce Vita in London with lover. photos for viewing

4/12/2006 Retrievers Of Truth Forum goes upretrievers of truth

APRIL 19, 2006: Mittelwerk visits Verizon office per employees

MAY 2, 2006: “Bad Twin” released and reviewed.

MAY 2, 2006: The Hanso Foundation website up

MAY 3, 2006: First Hanso commercial with phone number to call the trascript

MAY 3, 2006: First Hanso commercial with phone number to call. Learn of current Korean off-shore project in cooperation with Widmore Corp. and Paik Heavy Industries. Mittelwork away from office for 3 weeks, McIntyre away for 2 weeks, and P. Thompson in office

5/4/2006 Bad Twin on Sale

MAY 5, 2006: Persephone starts hacking THF

MAY 6, 2006: Hanso press release regarding “disruption” in website hanso press release

MAY 9, 2006: Letter to Robert Miller of Hyperion Books from Hugh McIntyre to cease publishing “Bad Twin” letter

MAY 10, 2006: Hanso puts out ad denouncing “Bad Twin” bad twin ad

May 16, 2006 DJDan podcast the podcast

MAY 17, 2006: Given letyoucompassguideyou.com site. “The mouthpiece” password found by Buddha. DI9FFtr751 found on Gematrian Wheel. Questionable Peter Thompson signature. mouthpiece pic and contract

MAY 24, 2006: Mittelwerk takes file from Verizon office (per ROT forum)

MAY 25, 2006: Hugh McIntyre on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Says LOST is fiction. the youtube video

MAY 25, 2006: Part 7 of Gary Troup interview. Hyperion has ad in USA Today claiming “all of Troup’s claims about THF are true.”

MAY 26, 2006: DJ Dan podcast

MAY 26, 2006: Cape Town Inquisitor has article re Hanso involved in organ harvesting. the page

MAY 29, 2006: Cape Town Inquisitor retracts article re Hanso involved in organ harvesting. THF buys paper.the page

5/29 THF buys Cape Town Inquisitor retraction

JUNE 1, 2006: DJ Dan pod cast

JUNE 8, 2006: DJ Dan pod cast. He gets threatened. the podcast

JUNE 14, 2006 DJ Dan pod cast...nanotechnology discussed. the podcast

JUNE 15, 2006: Letters taken from Alvar Hanso’s desk per surveillance camera. Desk now empty.

JUNE 16, 2006: DJ Dan podcast. Apparently autistic savants at the Vik Institute are being used to work on the Valenzetti Equation. the podcast

June 16, 2006: First Rachel Blake video (rumored to be a leak at the time)
the video

**Updates currently underway!**


Blogger TEAM Lena said...

ALL data you want added can either be edited in, or send me what ya got..


6/16/2006 9:50 PM  
Blogger devondude said...

wow guys what a post!

6/16/2006 10:18 PM  
Blogger devondude said...

need to add todays epic developments. Also might be worth mentioning that AH was way off the map somewhere uncharted when northern lights go crazy 10/28/2001. Some people have mentioned about time travel possibility

6/16/2006 10:22 PM  
Blogger TEAM Lena said...

Yes, working on updating right now...

You might want to check back and hit refresh once in a while.

6/16/2006 10:34 PM  
Blogger ChuckNorissFan said...


6/16/2006 11:14 PM  
Blogger louie1 said...


6/16/2006 11:24 PM  
Blogger maven said...

Looks great, Lena. I think highlighting the areas that need confirmation was great. I'm going to start working on the links. Might take a while.

6/16/2006 11:25 PM  
Blogger Thrasher76 said...

The system failures come directly from the blast door map I sen tout to 007Surge the other day, Belly has a copy of it as well...might not be concrete but it is documented...


6/17/2006 7:18 AM  
Blogger belly0fdesire said...

This is the image of the blast door map with the dates in question circled in red... it says it was a "complete Dharmatel system failure"... not sure if this is the same thing as what we witnessed on the show (UK and OZ will have to wait and see), but it is definitely a possible meaning... i have no reason to think it means anything else

6/17/2006 1:11 PM  
Blogger belly0fdesire said...

is there still a discussion on another blog about this reseach blog? I can't find it...

6/17/2006 1:16 PM  
Blogger ChuckNorissFan said...

That map alos says in latin..." a mouse does not just use one hole." hmmm...interesting.

6/17/2006 2:11 PM  
Blogger Damn the Man said...

DJ Dan!

"is rumored to have grown up in either Terre Haute, IN - Tulsa, OK - or Macon, AL sometime in the tumultuous 1960s."

Also, I can give you all the links to the DJ Dan podcasts, and DJ Dan Broadband Story [audio only. :(]. They're at DJ Dan transcripts.

That's all I can think to add, right now.

6/18/2006 1:10 AM  
Blogger Matt the Pale said...

belly0fdesire -- I think the "Dharmatel intranet" is simply a (relatively) primitive intranet set up so that the various computers on the island can talk to one another.

6/18/2006 8:23 AM  
Blogger fitz66 said...

just wondering why are you unsure of system failure if Desmond showed us the logs and it said 9/22/04

6/18/2006 9:18 AM  
Blogger Axelsoar said...

Excelent work on the timeline, this obviously took alot of time to make

6/20/2006 8:51 PM  
Blogger tesla_54 said...

The shipping archive thing about Magnus Hanso, in 1882, here's some interestingy things.

In 1882 Nikola Tesla (Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor, physicist, mechanical engineer and electrical engineer. Tesla is recognized as one of the most important inventors in history. He is also well known for his contributions to the science of electricity and magnetism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries) conceives rotating magnetic field principle and uses it to invent the alternating current generator/motor. He invented the Tesla Coil, which was later absolutely essential in the workings of the USS Eldridge for the disappearing (and apparently time/dimension distorting) act of the Philadelphia experiment. He also did a lot of work mapping the Earth's magnetic grid.

Wac³aw Franciszek Sierpiñski was born, a Polish mathematician, was born and died in Warsaw. He was known for outstanding contributions to set theory (research on the axiom of choice and the continuum hypothesis).
Most interestingly, 1882 was named as The International Polar Year (or IPY) was a collaborative, international effort researching the polar regions because
"The polar areas have many unique phenomena. Circulatory systems for air and water reach the surface, as do the majority of the Earth's magnetic field lines.....Shortly after World War I, mysterious, often defective behaviour in telegraph, radio and electric power and telephone lines began to persuade engineers and scientists that the electrical geophysics of the Earth needed more study. The airplane, motorized sea and land transport and new instruments made the proposals more interesting.
In 1927 a proposal came before an International Meteorological Committee. In 1928 the committee submitted a detailed report to an international conference of directors of meteorological services at Copenhagen. Part of one of the resolutions follows:
... magnetic, auroral and meteorological observations at a network of stations in the Arctic and Antarctic would materially advance present knowledge and understanding (of these phenomena) not only within polar regions but in general ... This increased knowledge will be of practical application to problems connected with terrestrial magnetism, marine and aerial navigation, wireless telegraphy and weather forecasting"
Also Magnus Hanso's final resting place on Kelvin's Blast Door map must be correct!!

6/21/2006 10:36 AM  

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